Support the gardener’s at the Riverlea Greenhouse on Scarlett Road in Toronto. The Greenhouse is City owned and managed and is a wonderful service provided to the residents of the City.

Here is where all with a passion for gardening can store and maintain their plant material over the winter period.

Support the Gardener's at the Riverlea Greenhouse

The Riverlea Greenhouse is City owned and managed.  It is a wonderful service provided for a fee to the residents of Toronto.  Here is where all with passion for gardening come to meet, greet and grow with other patrons of this facility.  We grow tropical and rare plants.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts about how the City is treating us. Show your support by leaving a comment.

 We have sent email communications and have left voicemails for Councillor Stephen Holyday and the Mayor of Toronto.  Email was sent to the City Ombudsman, to CTV and the Etobicoke Guardian.


We need a resolution, and we need it fast enough to beat the 1st frost.


The Gardeners @ 930 Scarlett Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9P 2V3

This is some of what we grow and this is some of what will die as soon as the 1st frost hits.